How To Create a Mobile Website

Building a mobile website is not a too difficult these days. In this report we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of building your own mobile website with some of the online tools available.

Wordpress blog Mobile Website Plugins

If you have Wordpress blog then you can quite easily get a mobile website plugin which will automatically make your pages viewable by a mobile device. I have not tried all of the plugins because there are quite few of them, but the one or two that I have seen certainly made a difference.

The advantage of using a wordpress plugin is that you can install one for free and you don't need any extra hosting as it all happens within the wordpress software.

Disadvantages are several.
1) Not all the images got re-sized. Some did. Sometimes the images are resized to fit the screen but there file size does not get reduced - only there appearance size.

2) None of the paragraphs were shortened or re-written.
Of course we can not expect the plugin to re-write the text on the pages, but quite often that is exactly what is needed. When you might want four of five paragraphs about a subject on the main website, on the mobile website you would want to re-write them so that it is more concise and to the point. One paragraph is usually enough.

3) Too many pages created.
In several places I would have taken a group of pages and made them into an accordian so that they slide open and closed without the need to load extra pages. This a feature that is often useful but the plugins don't handle it.

4) Too many images.
Again all the images where used, sometimes shrunk to fit, but there were just too many of them. If I really wanted them all, I would probably have put them into a slide slow.

5) Form to long for the mobile
The form really needed to be re-configured, I although it worked on the regular website it is not likely to get completed on the mobile screen, take too long. The form really needs re-writing to a short-form style.

All the above have a big impact on the loading time of the website. On the device I was using it was taking 8 or 9 seconds to load each page which is a bit slow.

A properly designed mobile website will load a lot faster, be much more interesting and have call to action buttons which would get results and push profits up. The money for the design and hosting would pay a good return where as this free method may actually lose us clients.

There are some other issues but the above are the ones that most concerned me.

Online Mobile Website Generators.

There are some online mobile website services which will analyze your website and try to convert it into a mobile version.

These are quite good fun and can be used to create a quick and easy mobile website for yourself. Disadvantages are several.
If you are running a business and expect to do some marketing with your mobile website, maybe increase sales. Then these are not going to help very much, not without a lot of tweaking. Thats fine if you know how to do the tweaking. In almost every case, the free version would not really cut it, in order to achieve something beneficial the monthly paid version was necessary, and even then certain key elements were not available. Things like: SMS text marketing, Tap to SMS, Tap to Order, List builder, Accordians.

What do you get with Custom Designed and Built Mobile Websites

Although the topic under discussion is How To Build a Mobile Website it is only reasonable that we consider the most obvious alternative which is to have the mobil site created for us by a website designer.

A good cell phone website designer will do his or her best to mirror the design elements, from your existing traditional website to the mobile version. this means that your brand is carefully extended into the mobile internet area.

Only the most appropriate images will be selected and then re-sized to fit the mobile screen. Text will be selected an sometimes rewritten or requested to be re-written.

Full use of Call to Action elements will be built into the design. These may be "Tap to Order" or "Tap to Request Quote" or the simple "Tap to Call". Good use of the cell phone s ability to use GSM will be made to produce maps and directions.

Special Hidden Pages can be created for Special Deals that are accessed via QRcodes - giving you a method to build cell phone lists for SMS marketing. Coupons which self activate and deactivate according to date can be created.

These are just a few of the features that can be incorporated when having a site custom designed for you.

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