How To Take Advantage of a Mobile Website

In this report we look at the present and future of the mobile internet and what you need to do in order to take full advantage of the changing situation.

The majority of businesses have not yet got themselves a well designed mobile website. Many may have signed up for a basic template driven cut-down version of their main desktop site, or some have opted for a plugin that attempts to optimize the desktop site so that mobile devices get a better view.

While these attempts are better than nothing, they are a far cry from having a fully operational mobile website which will allow you to market successfully to the the mobile device owning crowd. A custom designed mobile website will have QRcode promotion pages, and enable SMS marketing for the building of your member list.

What does Google Say About Mobile Websites

Google have made it very clear that they are giving the mobile internet priority in all their platforms. They are now designing first for the mobile user and second for the desktop user. This is also going to be reflected in the Google search results. Google is quite secretive about the precise algorithm that determines where websites are placed in the search results, but some have suggested that if a standard website is not linked to a mobile optimized version then its page rank will be affected.

Certainly the mobile search engines are becoming more valuable than every before and any sites in those results that are not designed for the mobile device will not get much interest.

SMS Messaging and Mobile Websites

SMS messaging is not just for kids and more, itís serious business. Presently millions of dollars are being earning by average companies who are building their SMS subscription lists and regularly sending them offers related to their company. A well designed mobile website helps make SMS marketing successful by integrating your texts with an offer page. By utilizing SMS text marketing you can provide an interactive communication which rewards the participants with special deals. these deals can make use of slow periods in your business and therefore increase overall profitability.

How to Use QR Codes with a Mobile Website

This is another area where careful design is needed. QR codes can point directly to specific pages on your website. For example:A a mobile device user can go directly to a hidden 20% off discount voucher that must be used within 2 hours. With the immediacy of text messaging, an auto repair shop having a slow day can suddenly get several customers turning up in order to take advantage of a special saving coupon.

Mobile Marketing a Website

Once you have your well designed mobile website in place, you will want to make full use of it. The first thing to do is ensure that your redirection is working. If you have not installed a redirect script whhich will auto detaect amobile device then at least put on a manual link to the site so that mobile visitors can click on it ans arrive at your neww site. Now that you natural mobile visitors are coming to the new correct website you will want to promote your buiness with qr code and sms marketing. This is where you can reap a very good return on the small investment you have made on your mobile website.

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